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Technology & Convergence

Nollywood Radio App has been published! It is available for download at Google Play. Click on the following link:  Watch Cyprian Josson on his online radio channel Nollywood Radio here

Broadcast competition: Balancing Act identified 79 VoD platforms dedicated to Black culture/Africa and its diaspora as of 15 July 2014. Some of them originate from Europe. As a comparison point, there were 3,088 on-demand services in the European Union, according to new research by the European Audiovisual Observatory as of February 2014. Among the audiovisual services counted were 1,104 catch-up TV services, 711 branded channels of broadcasters on open platforms and 409 VoD film services. The ‘On-Demand Audiovisual Markets in the European Union’ report found the UK to have the most established services at 682, followed by France with 434 services and Germany with 330 services. There were also 223 services based in the US but targeting European countries.