Africa Trending – Going Beyond Business with Bloomberg TV Africa


From culture to art, film to fashion, music, sport, literature and lifestyle, Bloomberg TVAfrica will go beyond business to bring you Africa’s most talked about culture with their new show Africa Trending.

Each week Savahna Nightingale will be taking you on a journey across the African continent, delving into the topics that are trending. They’ll be crossing Africa in search of the most exciting stories and inspirational people.

They will be tracking the new influence From the African art that is influencing Western culture, the African fashion houses that are changing today’s catwalks, and the movies and directors challenging our views of Africa.

Bringing influence from Africa in studio and on location, they’ll be bringing you the latest news and events and telling you whats trending, as well as exploring what is buzzing across the world of social media. On top of this will  interviews with Africa’s rising stars, sporting personalities and leaders that help define the spirit of Africa.

Each week, they’ll provide a run down of the most talked about personalities, and engage the audience for their opinions in our weekly interactive polls.

For us any opportunity to spread successful and honest as well as positive stories on Africa, and specifically African fashion, textiles and manufacturing is a great thing. So we will be looking out for the team at various fashion events and watching out for the show to launch.

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Source: African Fashion Guide