MHz Networks adds African channel to its viewing bouquet


From 5 August US global media company MHz Networks features a nation-wide, five-month market broadcast test of Africa Today TV. The launch coincides with the first USA-Africa Leaders Summit, which was hosted by the White House in Washington, D.C. from 5 to 6 August.

Yaya Moussa is the founder and president of the new channel and maintains that it is dedicated to developing positive perceptions of contemporary Africa by broadcasting the continent's stories.

Frederick Thomas, founder and president of MHz Networks believes the launch of Africa Today TV aligns with MHz's mission to serve its diverse US audience of over 38 million and said, "MHz has partnered with Dr. Yaya Moussa and his initiative to develop Africa Today TV in the U.S., as MHz for 20 years has used its public service broadcasting platform to provide Americans with original, foreign (English subtitled) TV content. Africa Today TV is a unique addition that will give the diverse nations of Africa the opportunity to connect with the African Diaspora in the US and globally-minded American viewers."

The new channel will be the only independent, public service and educational channel in the US broadcasting a full range of programs which include daily news, current affairs, business, education, arts, music, sports, drama, documentary and feature films direct from Africa.

Ebrahim Rasool, South Africa's Ambassador to the United States, added, "The inaugural USA-Africa Summit is a milestone in the Obama Administration's work to develop a stronger relationship, deeper understanding and enhanced communication between the United States and the nations of 21st century Africa. I am pleased that Africa Today TV offers a new television resource to help African and American leaders build an important bridge between the new Africa and the United States."

Viewers can watch Africa Today TV on MHz Networks 1 in the Washington, D.C. area at 17h00 EDT weekdays via digital broadcast channel 30.1, Comcast 271, Cox 470, RCN 30, Verizon FiOS 451, Dish Network 8077 and DirecTV 56/2183. Programming premieres on weekends in September.

Source: Screen Africa