South Africa: “Win A Home”, new reality show


'Win A Home' is an exciting new property-related reality show starting on 21 August, at 8pm on SABC3, a national TV channel based in South Africa.

Win A Home, brought to you by Private Property, is a brand-new show presented by three of South Africa's most charismatic television personalities: Cindy Nell-Roberts, Tumi Voster and Maps Maponyane.

Each episode offers a look inside a gorgeous South African home, while furnishing viewers with design and décor tips straight from the experts. There's also a gripping décor competition between four design apprentices, as well as the evolution of an apartment that's transformed from an empty shell into an enviable home worth more than R6m and which will be given away to a viewer in the final episode. In short, when we say that Win A Home has it all - including several stylish kitchen sinks! - we mean it.

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Source: Private Property 18 August 2014