DIFF: Architectural films to feature at UIA 2014


The Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) partnered with UIA 2014 and Architect Africa Film Festival to present architecture films in Durban during the 25th International Union of Architects World Congress of Architects (UIA 2014).

The event was held at the ICC in Durban from 3-7 August 2014. This is the first time that this congress is being held in Southern Africa and 5000 delegates are expected from around the world.

Film is an invaluable medium for the preservation of the built heritage of cities, the exploration of challenges within an urban environment and the documenting of achievements.

A stream of feature films, as well as several short films, were showcased at the UIA 2014 to inspire and entertain audiences, and generate conversations around issues relevant to the Congress themes of Resilience, Ecology and Values.

For more information, and details on screening go to  the website.