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On August 18, a group of South African and international legal experts worked with South African filmmakers to better understand their rights as users as well as creators under copyright law. The meeting focused on actions filmmakers can take to use and expand user rights in South Africa that are necessary to fully enable the vibrant filmmaking industry that already exists, and to support emerging artists. 
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BloombergTV Africa broadcasts “Africa Trending: Retro Fashion and Contemporary Art”. It’s all the rage – retro fashion is on the rise across the continent, we speak to fashionista Kenya Hunt about the latest trends. African art prices have doubled over the last three years, we visit the Artists Alliance Gallery in Accra and talent-scout Anshu Bahanda explains the increasing demand for contemporary West African art. And in our social media roundup we take a look at what's trending and getting you the viewer talking. Remember to follow the show on Twitter: @AfricaTrending. Watch an episode here.