South Africa: Playboy 'has played' Icasa


Playboy allegedly duped the Independent Communications Authority of SA into granting pay TV station StarSat a licence to broadcast porn movies by saying it would only depict "sex between couples in loving relationships and sexually empowered women", and would not show movies with young girls or violence.

Instead, the prime time content promoted foursomes, infidelity, unsafe sex and women having extramarital affairs, advocate Darryl Cooke told the Cape Town High Court earlier this week.

Cooke is representing the Justice Alliance of SA in its bid to have StarSat's licence revoked.

The alliance has taken the authority and On Digital Media, operating as StarSat, to court to block the airing of porn.

Cooke said Playboy, which supplies pornographic material to StarSat, also misled Icasa by not revealing that it had been fined three times in six years in the UK for exposing children to porn.

Exposure to porn at a young age leads to sexual disorder

"Icasa acted in an illusion. It relied on what it was told by the broadcaster. On Icasa's version, it admits it was misled and does not deny it didn't research Playboy."

Icasa granted Top TV the licence to air Playboy TV, Desire TV and Private Spice in April last year.

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Source: bizcommunity - 13 August 2014