Tunisia: mosques and media closed due to jihad

Regulation & Policy

The Tunisian government has taken a series of measures including the closure of mosques and media calling for jihad and developping a speech inciting violence in reaction to the recent armed attack linked to al Qaeda groups, which caused the death of 15 soldiers.

In a statement, the government announced "the immediate closure of mosques  outside the control of the Ministry of Religious Affairs" and places of worship where radical Salafists celebrated for the dead.

After the popular uprising that brought down the former totalitarian regime, many mosques have fallen into the hands of radicals. In addition, 400 of some 2,000 existing mosques in Tunisia, less than a hundred are out of control of authorities.

It is in these places that some networks operate for recruiting potential candidates for jihad, particularly in Syria.

The government also announced "the immediate closure of unlicensed radio and television and turned into spaces for takfir and the call for jihad," without specifying the names or number.

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