Film shot in Equatorial Guinea premieres at San Diego Film Festival


Where The Road Runs Out, directed by Raindance nominee Rudolf Butendach, has been chosen as an official selection for the 2014 San Diego Film Festival, which runs from 24 to 28 September. This will also serve as the world premier for the first feature partly shot in Equatorial Guinea. Other filming locations included Durban in South Africa and in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Starring Isaach De Bankole, Juliet Landau, and South African natives Stelio Savante and Sizo Motsoko, the film follows George Mensa (Isaach De Bankolé), an outstanding science professor in Europe who finds himself back in Africa after an old friend dies unexpectedly. As a result he inherits a field station in the jungle.

One day local boy and orphan Jimmy shows up at George’s doorstep. George grows fond of him and Jimmy in turn plays matchmaker between George and Corina (Juliet Landau) head of the local orphanage. But the arrival of Martin (Stelio Savante) jeopardises everything.

Source: Screen Africa 10 September 2014