Trajectory Media produces South Africa's first interactive video for a print magazine


In an innovative step towards convergence of print and digital channels Trajectory Media has produced an interactive video for print magazine House and Leisure. This is a first for a South African print magazine.

The video, which accompanies the October 2014 print edition of House and Leisure, allows viewers to enjoy an entirely new experience of a house featured in the magazine. “This is a terrific addition to our growing digital offering," says Naomi Larkin, editor of House and Leisure. "It enables our audience to experience a house in an exciting new way that has not been possible before.”

The video, which is divided into five segments, offers viewers the choice of experiencing the house from the perspective of the homeowner, the architect, the stylist and the photographer.

"Interactive video is an exciting new way to engage audiences. It is fundamental shift in the way in which they engage with content," says Naashon Zalk, Trajectory Media's CEO. "Instead of just sitting back and consuming a traditional linear video, audiences now have the ability to shape their content experience, watching what they like, ignore what doesn't interest them, share on social media and respond to calls to action." Interactive video also has significant applications for gamification and education and training.

For more information contact Trajectory Media at or on 021-468-6053.

Source: Filmcontact  19 September 2014