Hyena Boys Wins Best Documentary Short At 2014 California International Shorts Festival


The Gadawan Kura, or hyena handlers of Nigeria, were first introduced to a wider audience via South African photographer Pieter Hugo‘s striking 2007 series The Hyena and Other Men. Hugo spent two years photographing the itinerant hyena wranglers who subsist off the money they make from selling herbal remedies and performing with their semi-domesticated hyenas, baboons and snakes for awestruck audiences in towns throughout Nigeria.

Inspired by Hugo’s photographs of the nomadic community, fellow South African Tarryn Crossman spent three years tracking down the gadawan kura for a documentary short titled Hyena Boys, which offers a glimpse into life within the gadawan kura training camp on the outskirts of Abuja. Currently making the festival rounds, the ten minute doc from Crossman’s TIA Productions took home the award for Best Documentary Short at the just-concluded California International Shorts Festival, which seeks to provide a globally-minded platform for independent filmmakers to showcase their work.

Source: Okaya Africa  18 September 2014