AfricAvenir presents Namibian Premiere of the Senegalese feature “Dakar Trottoirs – Pavements of Dakar” as part of the Namibian Film Week


AfricAvenir Windhoek, the Goethe Centre, and the Filmmakers Association of Namibia invite to the Namibian Premiere of Senegal’s ‘Dakar Trottoirs’ on Saturday, 27 September, 19h00, at the Goethe-Centre Windhoek.

The screening of Dakar Trottoirs by AfricAvenir in Namibia will see the world premiere of the English subtitled version of the film. The screening is part of the Namibia Film Week, organized by the Filmmakers Association of Namibia (FAN).

Dakar Trottoirs (Sidewalks of Dakar), directed by Hubert Laba Ndao, is the story of a burning passion between Salla and Siirou in this microcosmic world of the “sidewalks” of Dakar. Here the surrealist characters of a paradoxical theatre intermingle in the heart of the city. Behind the facades of the posh districts which stand alongside the settlements of the have-nots,
The “deal” is the rule; grace and misery go hand in hand; sensuality is omnipresent and violence too. Here all dreams are possible but sometimes they become nightmares.

Music by Didier Awadi (RFI competition winner like Elemotho) intensifies this ambiance which makes Siirou's head spin but at the same time fascinates him. The film stars the famous actor Eriq Ebouaney, one more reason to not miss this screening.

In June 2014, at the Festival du cinéma Africain de Khouribga (FCAK) the film won an award for Best actress: (Prudence Maîdou).
The scriptwriters for this film were Abdoulaye Tall and Léandre-Alain Baker. The audience might remember Leandre-Alain's film Ramata, which AfricAvenir Windhoek presented in 2012.