Samsung’s Off‐grid TV Improves User Experience in Rural Kenya

Technology & Convergence

Samsung’s determination to leverage the large consumer market in Africa is glaringly clear with it’s latest innovation of a multi‐power TV which allows both AC and DC supply, meaning rural households can enjoy their viewing experience even with unsteady power supply.

Robert Ngeru, Samsung Electronics VP and COO for East and Central Africa hinted that the new innovation was a move in line with the company’s “Built for Africa” initiative.

“One of the hindrances to Kenyans’ owning household appliances is the lack of electricity, and its instability in areas already connected to the grid. At Samsung, our ultimate goal has always been to offer our customers a great experience with technology, no matter their locality,” Mr. Ngeru said.

In the event the AC supply from public utility companies is unstable, the user can simply switch to DC power, for instance a solar charged battery can be used. The television was designed to accommodate power surges, therefore the sets are not damaged by an electric circuit when the voltage is too high or during times of unstable supply.

Perfecting power supply all across Africa has been a continental challenge that governments and stakeholders have been trying to grapple with. The demand for rural electrification across the region grows year on year. In Kenya, for instance, the demand for rural electrification power increased by 12.3 percent last year according to the Kenya Economic Survey 2014.

The multi‐power TV, because of it’s efficiency design and innovative features, has already been awarded with the Large TV category award at the Global LEAP Outstanding Off‐Grid Appliance Awards.

Source: Ventures Africa 20 September 2014