First motion capture studio opens in East Africa

Technology & Convergence

Africa Digital Media Academy has opened the first motion capture studio in East Africa. The studio, situated in Kigali, Rwanda, is the first of its kind in both east and central Africa.

Motion capture is the process of recording live movement of objects or people and using the data to more efficiently create realistic animation for film and television.

On 18 September, at the press conference at Africa Digital Media Academy offices in Kigali, Emmanuel Gasana – Director General of the Workforce Development Authority (WDA) – said the new facility will produce more income in Rwanda's economy through foreign trainees who will be making use of the services offered by the advanced motion capture studio. In addition, the studio will assist Rwandan youth from different sectors to train in the latest film making technology.

Africa Digital Media Academy opened in January 2012 and is part of the technical and vocational education and training network, operated by WDA. The academy trains Rwandans in all aspects of advanced media production, from film editing and production to 3D animation.

The academy is currently in the process of admitting around 100 students.

To see Chris Marler of Africa Digital Media Academy talk about its programme, click on the link here

Source: Screen Africa 22 September 2014