SatLink Communications partners with Pi Telecom to deliver Cloud based “TV everywhere” Platform

Technology & Convergence

New End-to-End Cloud Platform provides immediate OTT service to broadcasters and operators with unique monetisation features

 SatLink Communications, a global teleport, content management and HD playout services provider, has announced a new partnership with Pi Telecom, a specialist in the development and marketing of interactive video solutions for Hybrid (DVB+IP), IPTV and OTT networks. Through this partnership, SatLink is expanding into the IP delivery market by bringing the best of TV online through the launch of a new End-to-End (E2E) OTT Cloud-based platform to enable broadcasters and multi-channel TV operators to offer an immediate TV everywhere service to subscribers on all screens whilst simultaneously generating new revenue streams.

The solution, which combines Satlink's global access to content and unique aggregation capabilities with the most innovative technology, is available through a cost-effective, pay-per-service model, ready to launch a managed service via the cloud within days, avoiding the expenses and time consuming associated with creating an OTT broadcasting network.

Designed for broadcasters and operators, the new end-to-end OTT Cloud Platform offers a full Telco grade broadcasting experience from the aggregation of global multi TV channels, through to the transcoding, live content streaming, VOD library,management tools and creation of new feeds on an easy to use, fun and intuitive TV-like unified user experience on all screens. Broadcasters and operators also have the option to distribute Set-Top-Boxes (STB) and maximise profits through innovative monetisation features, resulting in them reaching more viewers on more devices and extending interaction with their audience.

The platform, which broadcasters and operators have the option of branding, enables broadcasters to offer niche genres, such as sports, movies, lifestyle or ethnic content, via a series of stable streaming options including live TV to VOD , TimeShift TV through to catch-up TV and live pausing functionality. Subscribers may watch content via both an application or optional Set Top Box’s based on their preferences with interactive content options.

Arie Aig, CEO of Pi Telecom, commented: “In today’s competitive environment, subscribers want the ability to access their favourite TV content wherever they are and whenever they want. The OTT platform allows broadcasters to develop a direct relationship with the subscriber and generate new revenue from its content.”

Mr Aig continues: “It is now possible, for example, for broadcasters to create a virtual channel with dedicated content to niche audiences via the cloud at lower cost, which presents them with the opportunity to reutilise old content and take advantage of additional commercial opportunities through advertising.There are also exciting developments from new additional monetisation models, which may link content to merchandise so viewers can easily purchase an item shown on screen.”

Source: Press Release