Aflix Launches Affiliate Partner Programme to Help Your Earn More


Video on Demand mobile streaming service available as an Android app via the Google Play store or as an app on select set top boxes in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and 27 other African nations, Aflix has introduced an Affiliate Partner Programme which aims to provide an opportunity for participants to earn recurring revenue while introducing Africa’s newest and most exciting VOD service to the market.

In a statement, the firm announced affiliate programme subscribers will earn recurring monthly commissions, Value Added Service, offer Aflix with their existing products as well as have access to Aflix executives to help them drive subscriber numbers.

 “Aflix’s affiliate programme is an extension of our dream to empower people while providing quality entertainment to our African audience. This kind of programme presents us as socially responsible business, which we are, as we do not just seek to get but also to give back even before we have started getting,” said Director of Business Development, Nyasha Mutsekwa.
Mutsekwa said the move will help create extra revenue to the youth especially those using internet platforms. These move will also help the firm market itself through the affiliate program without spending on anything. Aflix has huge competition in Africa and as a new entrant, running an affiliate program alone might not give it much standing against its competitors that have huge content catalogues already.

Chief Executive Officer of Vonetize, Noam Josephides whose company builds and operates various premium content services on smart TV and connected devices platforms; and whose Aflix is based on its SmartVOD offering, said: “Africa is on the verge of booming with new and exciting content offerings, based on a growing penetration of broadband and wireless connectivity.The affiliate progarmme will afford the users within the continent the opportunity to truly get empowered while also getting world class quality movie entertainment.”

Source: TechMoran 22 October 2014