Documentary follows IT pioneers in Africa


Made in Africa, produced by Geraldine de Bastion and René von der Waar, is a documentary which portrays the progress of digital technologies and innovation hubs across Africa. Told through the lives of inventive youths who actively make use of the hubs, the film seeks to steer away from clichés and portray a new side of the continent.

Children in small remote villages in Ethiopia are learning to read and write with tablets. In Nairobi young girls learn maths, sciences and history using Kindles instead of schoolbooks. These are just some examples of a pattern emerging across Africa which is making it the fastest growing digital market in the world.

Local entrepreneurs, bloggers, community drivers and change makers in four countries who are spearheading this movement feature in the film. Some of these innovators are:

Boniface Mwangi – Photo activist
Tayo Akinyemi – Manager at AfriLabs, a company which promotea the growth and development of the African technology sector
Claude Migisha – Youth and ICT innovations consultant for Ghana's ICT4AD initiative
Oforiwa McCarthy – Co-founder of digital media marketing company Africa New
Marcos Lemma – ICT expert and blogger
René Parker – co-founder and director of social enterprise RLabs
Angelo King – RLabs Academy manager
Harinjaka Andriankoto Ratozamanana - founder of Habka Hub in Madacascar

“Every political leader should receive a copy so that they understand what the young generation wants and thinks and how we are developing our countries,” says Ratozamanana.

Watch the trailer here.

Source: Screen Africa 24 October 2014