SABC says Generations cast list not final


Cape Town – The supposed "cast list" for the new Generations on SABC1 set to start in December and "revealed" this weekend by Sunday World is not official, says the public broadcaster.

Publications jumped on the supposed cast list revealed by Sunday World and copied it, none bothering to ask or verify it with the SABC which says the list didn’t come from and wasn’t issued by the public broadcaster.

The new Generations is supposed to start from December after the behind-the-scenes management meltdown which saw the principal cast fired for demanding the three year contracts promised to them.

SABC1 spokesperson Phillip Mabitsela tells Channel24 that the "revealed" new Generations cast list is not from SABC1, not official and not necessarily completely or even partially correct.

"From our side as SABC1, from Generations' side, we haven't announced any confirmed cast list on Generations," says Mabitsela.

"As soon as we have names confirmed, we will say these are the people who will be in the new show, this is the cast list, this is what is happening. Officially we haven't released any information or what is happening around Generations.

"We can only speak to information we have released ourselves around Generations. People are speculating. For a while now people have been throwing names around. But officially we haven't announced anything," says Mabitsela.

Source: Cannel 24 4 November 2014