Canal+ acquires a majority stake in Thema

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CANAL+ OVERSEAS and THEMA announce the signature of an agreement for CANAL+ OVERSEAS to acquire a majority stake in the capital of THEMA.

THEMA, which was founded in 2005 by François Thiellet, is a company specializing in the distribution of generalist, specialist and ethnic television channels to cable, satellite and IPTV operators in France and internationally. THEMA also publishes the African fiction channel Nollywood TV, a leading francophone African channel, and distributes many ethnic multichannel packages to ISPs or operators, including Le Bouquet Africain.

In the context of this agreement, which will enable complementary know-how and skills to be combined, François Thiellet, THEMA’s CEO, will continue to manage and develop THEMA’s business with the support of his management committee.

Jacques du Puy, the CEO of CANAL+ OVERSEAS, said: “The acquisition of the THEMA group will speed up our development strategy, particularly in Africa, and will also provide us with vital marketing and publishing know-how with regard to ethnic content.”

Francois Thiellet, the CEO of THEMA, added: “We are proud and happy to be associated with CANAL+ OVERSEAS, whose resources and international presence will speed up THEMA’s growth worldwide.”

Source: Company Press Release


Picture below: on the left-hand sidde, François Thiellet, THEMA’s CEO.