French-Speaking Africa Rises: DISCOP Africa confirms unprecedented attendance from across the region

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Basic Lead, organizer of DISCOP Africa, the region’s premier annual market for film, TV content, adaptation rights and packaged channels, has reported an unprecedented number of attendees from across French-speaking Africa ahead of its 2014 event, reflecting the region’s growing importance on the global stage.

 Close to three hundred participants and a record-breaking 45 companies representing French-speaking Africa are set to attend DISCOP Africa, which launches at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg on November 5th.

Top distributors, networks and key industry stakeholders in attendance include Canal+, AB Groupe, France 24, TV5 Monde, TV France International, Côte Ouest, Lagardere Entertainment, France Television Distribution, Mediametrie, AB International Distribution, Dream On, Capa TV, AFP and Thema TV.

DISCOP Africa has also confirmed a host of new registrations from major international platforms seeking content made in Africa, including Orange, Netflix, YouTube and Twitter.

Patrick Zuchowicki, founder of DISCOP Africa, said, “French-speaking Africa is set to play a major role in the development of the television content production and distribution business across Africa and internationally, with French predicted to be the most spoken language in the world by 2050 in a recent Natixis/Forbes study, and the majority of French speakers living in Africa.”

“We are very proud to see DISCOP strongly reflecting these key trends and opportunities for Africa and beyond,” he continued, “The event provides an important platform to nurture content development and distribution throughout this growing region, bringing together the world’s leading producers and content providers to foster and support exciting new partnerships.”

From workshops and guest speakers, to specialized exhibitions and events, DISCOP Africa’s focus on French-speaking Africa will provide opportunities for both French and English producers, distributors and networks.

DISCOP Africa has already underlined the importance of French-speaking Africa through its Guest Country initiative, honoring Ivory Coast, a country which has committed to massive investment in the creative industries and will actively be seeking co-production partners from across the continent and globe.

In order to announce many of these new investment and development projects, the Ivory Coast exhibition at DISCOP Africa has been organized in partnership with RTI, Ivory Coast’s public broadcaster, ONACI, the country’s leading funding institution for film and TV content, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Communications and the Ivory Coast Government. Mrs. Affoussiata Bamba Lamine, Ivory Coast’s Minister of Communication, will be in attendance to ensure maximum visibility for Ivory Coast as an attractive regional and international television content coproduction partner.

French group Canal+ will also attend DISCOP Africa with a team from A+, its first exclusively African channel, which launched just ahead of the event. Reflecting the investments being made in content development and distribution across French-speaking Africa, A+ will broadcast 100% African content and is committed to supporting African productions and developing the continent’s creative industries.

More than 600 international companies have already agreed to convene at DISCOP Africa 2014, representing a 36% increase over last year’s figures at a similar time in the calendar. The world’s most popular television channels and distributors offering film, TV series, formats and packaged channels will be showcased during the event, with 250+ companies exhibiting.

Further highlights will include the 20 YEARS OF TELEVISION IN AFRICA: WHAT’S NEXT conference, alongside the 3rd edition of the parallel DISCOPRO pitching, mentoring and market access program.

Source: Company Press Release