Sentech launches OneBeam transmission with Enensys

Technology & Convergence

South Africa's state-owned broadcast signal distributor, Sentech, in partnership with Enensys, has launched the OneBeam transmission service. Enensys designs and manufactures digital TV transmission technologies, while Sentech provides signal distribution services for most of the country's broadcasters, as well as the infrastructure behind its DTT deployment and DTH-S platform, ITWeb reported.

The first phase of the project, says Sentech, has seen a utilisation of its DVB-T2 and OneBeam service to the DVB-T2 digital terrestrial TV network and the DTH service. Sentech says OneBeam, which comprises multiple technologies, allows Sentech to use the same satellite capacity to feed the service's DTH subscribers and DTT transmission sites.

While the DTT network reaches just over 80 percent of the population, Sentech's DTH-S platform as a DTT gap filler and a commercial broadcast transmission platform service reaches the South African population beyond the DTT footprint to receive the same service, delivered via satellite.

Sentech says OneBeam works in single frequency DTT networks and overcomes the complex technical challenges in using the same service for DTT and DTH. Sentech CEO Setumo Mohapi says OneBeam is very flexible in terms of regionalisation.

Source Telecompaper  14 November 2014