Gilat Satcom adopts NovelSat NS3 to increase capacity between Africa and the USA

Technology & Convergence

Gilat Satcom has announced that it is now using Novelsat NS3 to increase capacity from its newly launched POP in Maryland on the east coast of the USA.
The new POP was established to answer Africa’s growing demand for international broadband connectivity.

NovelSat NS3 is a high-end efficiency satellite transmission software package that runs on the NovelSat NS3000 satellite modems in the POP. NovelSat NS3 typically increases spectral efficiency by up to 30% compared with the DVB-S2 satellite industry standard. This enables the Africa-US satellite link to carry more data. 

Using NovelSat NS3, Gilat Satcom has also been able to achieve modulation levels of 64APSK compared to industry averages of 16APSK to 32APSK.

Source: Company Press Release