Crowdfunding aims to fund film about the women behind Marikhana


Mama Marikana initially began as Aliki Saragas’s Documentary Arts masters project at the University of Cape Town, but soon progressed into a developing feature film with the support of talented filmmakers. The project now has a crowd-funding campaign on Thundafund where members of the public can contribute to its completion.

The documentary explores the narrative of the women of Marikana: the widows, mothers, sisters and community members who were left to pick up the pieces after miners were gunned down by the South African Police Service at Lonmin mine in 2012. The documentary follows five Marikana women and a community who is attempting to move from a state of oppression to empowerment. The five featured women are: Primrose Nokulunga Sonti and Thumeka Magwangqana, leaders in Sikhala Sonke the Marikana Women’s group; Evelyn Seipati Mmeka a religious mother in the community; and Zameka Nungu, widow of the murdered Jackson “Ace” Lehopa.

Sonti commented, “We are still crying because there is no solution. There is no change; we are still crying and we will cry.”

According to the campaign posted on Thundafund those working on the production commented, “For the team, this film not only represents an opportunity for us to give voice to the women of Marikana, but also gives us hope that we may have the opportunity to change their lives through our film. To say that Mama Marikana is a passion project is an understatement.”

The crew working on the film includes: director and producer Aliki Saragas; producer Tessa Scott; DOP Andreas Georghiou; sound recordist Ying-poi De Lacy and additional cameraman Jared Hoskyn Paisley.

Saragas can be contacted at and Scott at

Visit the Mama Marikana website for more information.

Source: Screen Africa 26 November 2014