The Scoop heads off into Season 2


Africa’s most talked about talk show is about to complete its first season and The Scoop is here to stay.  Salim Amin has spent the last 13 weeks flying around Africa, interviewing some of the most inspiring success stories on our continent.  From flight attendant turned powerhouse journalist Jeff Koinange, to sought after but not a bride super entrepreneur Sophia Bekele, to Club music superstar peace activist African investor Akon, Salim has heard from some pretty amazing people.

Heading into Season 2, Salim introduces you to more incredible personalities!  Look out for Sherlock Holmes star Jude Law, Photographer/Rabble Rouser Boniface Mwangi, Billionaire with dark secret Heshan de Silva, Serial Entrepeneur/African Leadership Network/African Leadership Academy founder Fred Swaniker, and Congolese heartthrob/concert hero Lexxus Legal, as 2015 gets exciting from the very start.

If you haven’t grown to appreciate, or even love, Salim’s easy-going style and poignant observations, you still have time to get scopped and join the fun.  Get advice from Africa’s innovators/movers and shakers/people with their hands on the levers of power, and find out the story behind their rise to fame.  The show will always have you “hooked” to the end to find out “The Scoop”, as guests reveal something about themselves few, if any, know.

It’s already been a hot 2014 on The Scoop.  2015 should be sweltering.  Don’t miss the program every week on TV Continental channel 523 hosted on ZUKU, and channel 307 hosted on Star Times on Saturday at 0930 CAT with 14 repeats from Sunday to Friday; VoxAfrica channel 191 hosted on DSTV and channel 824 hosted on ZUKU on Thursday at 2000 UK time with repeats on Monday at 1715 UK time and Wednesday at 2100 UK time; WBS Uganda channel 28 hosted on ZUKU and Star TV platforms will be on air on Sundays at 1930; KBC Kenya is a new partner airing The Scoop on prime-time at 2000 every Sunday, and 23 other African broadcasters around the Continent receive the show from our distribution partner Canal France International (CFI).You can also catch The Scoop on-line at ,,   and

And for a special look at what you missed during the filming of The Scoop, log on to our website, at and our Facebook page at for excerpts that didn’t air on the 30-minute program.  You’ll get even more juicy tidbits and thrilling anecdotes from Africa’s great minds.

Source: Company Press Release