calls for South African film and television content

Content is open for business and able to provide 5000 library facilities and 120 million library cardholders in the USA and Canada with film and television content from South Africa. We will drive South Africans in the Diaspora to your content. a marketing and social media extension and content home portal to reach our very comprehensive database of South Africans (all around the world), this obviously provides huge opportunities for content owners.

Many people living outside of their country of birth (also known as the Diaspora) constantly yearn for familiar media content. We aim to be their home away from home!

Scatzy is a portal for the systematic distribution of content to various Diaspora from around the world and will be appealing to both viewers and content owners.

We aim to be the “one stop shop” for outreach to all things content related (movies, TV shows, documentaries, books and music) from a home country to bringing viewers great stuff from back home!

Our focus lies on providing a cost-effective and synergized portal to both content-seekers and owners of content and to provide these owners with the required infrastructure and traffic to reach their country-folk, now residing or travelling elsewhere in the world. Additionally, our revenue model and payment protocols will provide excellent revenue to content owners and our strategy cuts through the traditional VoD “aggregation” model to a very unique pay-per-view system.

Through our extensive and varied networks and social campaigns we are able to provide a very valuable and important additional revenue stream to content owners and our advantageous participation opportunity provides every marketing savvy content owner with a potentially big financial upside.

The Market

The IMF reports that around 5% of the global population resides outside of their country of birth.

Our focus is to reach those groups that still have a defined link to their country of birth and still have an interest in content from back home.

At the same time, content owners all around the world are seeking additional distribution channels to reach untapped markets – a natural extension for them is the diaspora. However, in this day and age, systematic aggregation is rarely synchronized to facilitate more than one media type in one platform or service.

With the immediate market penetration of 120 million potential clients and a dedicated marketing campaign around a more specific audience – in this case the South African Diaspora, all the content owners find Scatzy a very appealing proposition.

Our immediate focus is to roll out content from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand by February 2014 and to expand to all other English speaking countries by mid 2014 and all Spanish speaking countries by the end of 2016. We have also had interest in our services from content owners in China and Russia.

Contact: Anton Nel

Source: Filmcontact 7 January 2015