Nigeria's ACTV to broadcast via Amos-5

Technology & Convergence

Nigerian pay-TV company ACTV has agreed a multi-year contract to lease Ku-band transponder space on the Amos-5 satellite, operated by Israel's Spacecom, to broadcast its 60-channel network.

"Creating the ACTV platform is an exciting project and with the support of Amos-5 at 17° East we look forward to an exciting future. Nigerian viewers deserve choice, and we at ACTV are giving them new and stimulating offerings for their pleasure," said Godfrey Okreh, CEO of ACTV.

"Our broadcast neighbourhood is bringing information and knowledge to our viewers enabling them to enjoy life to its fullest. As a cost-effective platform backed by an organisation based on delivering the highest quality service, ACTV is going to change Nigeria for the better."

ACTV, which commenced broadcasting in December 2014, provides premium channels such as Sky News, Nickelodeon, BBC, Al Jazeera, National Geographic, MUTV and eight Fox International channels, as well as a range of local content, covering the genres of music, children and youth, news, sports, lifestyle, religion, films and entertainment.

Eitan Mesika, VP sales, West Africa, Spacecom, added: "Since the satellite's launch in 2013, we have enjoyed working with Nigerian clients and having ACTV is an example of how we are stepping up our strategy and moving forward in this fast-moving market."

Source: Rapid News 27 January 2015