Free ADSL data with Vidi video on demand streaming

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Netflix-like video streaming service Vidi has promised to pay for your ADSL data

Vidi, the Netflix-like video streaming service from Times Media Group, has announced a promotion which offers subscribers free ADSL data for watching videos on the service.

Queried about how it works and which ADSL service providers are supported, Vidi said it supports all ISPs.

"If you are using ADSL and ADSL only, the player will detect whether point-to-point tunnelling protocol is enabled and available via your router,” Vidi said.

Should your router support PPTP, the Vidi player initiates a secure tunnel connection to its server, creating a separate connection to your normal point-to-point over Ethernet (PPPoE) account.

If it detects PPTP support and successfully establishes a tunnel, Vidi will deliver video content that way.

If the Vidi player fails to detect the tunnel protocol, it will run over the PPPoE connection to your Internet service provider.

"The video that is delivered via the tunnel does not affect the PPPoE account at all,” Vidi said. In other words, it won't use your normal ADSL ISP account at all so long as your router has the correct features.

The features and routers supported are as follows:

    VPN passthrough for IPSec, PPTP or L2TP
    TP-Link, Netgear, and Siemens routers are all compatible
    Billion and other brands: only certain models are supported

Vidi warned that certain budget routers do not have the necessary features.

Source: MyBroadband 18 February 2015