Scatzy bags top SA movies, TV shows for US and worldwide VoD

Distribution  has announced that they have bagged the top SA theatrical titles for release on their US and worldwide platforms aimed at the South African diaspora. Titles include "Semi-Soet", "Liefling", "Otelo Burning", "iNumber Number" and "Long Street" to name a few.

“We have had a great response and we are very happy with some of the content we were able to get. We are still working through some of the titles, formats and genres but our content offering will kick-off on a high with about 50 titles in April,” Anton Nel, CEO of SCATZY said. SCATZY is currently expanding its reach to also offer e-books and music on its platform. With the immediate market penetration of 120 million potential clients and a dedicated marketing campaign around a more specific audience – in this case the South African Diaspora, all the content owners find SCATZY a very appealing proposition.

Through our extensive and varied networks and social campaigns we are able to provide a very valuable and important additional revenue stream to content owners and our advantageous participation opportunity provides every marketing savvy content owner with a potentially big financial upside.

Additionally, we are aiming to team up with the makers of “Wasgoedlyn” –  and will endeavor to create and host both a 24 min. documentary on some of the music artist we will host and we will also feature a curated page on each artist, highlighting their music and background – this should assist in the efforts to drive eyeballs and ears to the music and musicians and take South African music abroad in a big away - both to the vast diaspora as well as the big world.

Source: Filmcontact 4 March 2015