PCCW embarks on strategic expansion of OTT video business Joining forces with Vuclip, a leading mobile video service provider for emerging markets


In line with PCCW’s group strategy to address opportunities in the increasingly digital world as consumers embrace digital lifestyle, PCCW Media has entered into an agreement to acquire a controlling majority interest in Vuclip, a leading mobile video-on-demand service platform that currently operates in six countries with over seven million mobile subscribers per quarter.

This expansion of its digital video business beyond Hong Kong follows PCCW Media’s successful development of its local OTT services including MOOV music and now TV news, sports and entertainment apps, and forms part of its continued evolution into a top digital entertainment service provider in Asia. Via this investment, PCCW Media can expedite its strategy in rolling out its OTT video service in the region and beyond.

Vuclip is a leading premium mobile VOD service for emerging markets. Its current footprint in Asia includes India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates, with rollout plans for other Southeast Asian markets in 2015. Its services are also available outside Asia in Egypt, and will expand to other countries in Africa and the Middle East. It brings to subscribers a vast content catalog of more than one million titles including Bollywood and Hollywood movies, TV shows, entertainment and sports news, music videos, etc. in 25 different languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Indonesian Bahasa, Arabic, Malay and Thai. Additionally, subscribers benefit from convenient mobile payment solutions via Vuclip’s expanding partnership with more than 13 leading regional carriers.

Vuclip’s strengths include its early and extensive penetration into emerging markets facilitated by the use of its patented Dynamic Adaptive Transcoding technology that can deliver high-quality video content across variable network conditions and across all mobile devices without buffering. This uniquely addresses the challenges of device fragmentation, particularly in emerging markets where the bulk of users are rapidly migrating to smartphones and tablets.

Source: Company Press Release