Romanza telenovela Canal + TV Africa Bamba arrives in Kenya


The new telenovela channel 24 hours of free reception Africa, Romanza + Africa, has been launched in Kenya, reaching approximately 4.5 million households.
Romanza + Africa is transmitted through the digital TV service Bamba TV, part of the conglomerate Kenya, Radio Africa Group. Romanza + Africa is the result of a partnership between Azteca and Venevision International, and distributor of digital content Africa XP.
Romanza + Africa is home to some of the most successful soap operas in recent years, offering the best in original programming from the extensive catalogs of Venevision International and Azteca. The autonomous channel is available across multiple platforms AfricaXP digital distribution, offering broadcasters of the region's most romantic in the world portrayed by internationally renowned stars among captivating scenes stories.
With over 3000 hours of programming in English, the channel offers exciting drama series Azteca as Catalina y Sebastián, and fascinating novels Venevision International as secret love, to name a few.
Source: CISNEROS 19 March 2015