Nigeria: NBC to License Free View TV Channels

Regulation & Policy

National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has commenced the process of issuing licences for the provision of free view digital television content to be transmitted to Nigerian households.

Mr. Awwalu Salihu, director of Public Affairs, NBC, said the regulatory agency, after a detailed assessment of the current television market, observed serious gaps in the content available to serve the social and economic needs of Nigerians.

It, therefore, invited prospective service providers to submit proposals for meeting the gaps as a preliminary step towards applying for licences.

The regulatory agency categorised FTV digital television into several genres, including general entertainment, kids, lifestyle, sports, movies/soaps/sitcoms, music, documentaries and factual/news.

It stressed that the channels would strictly comply with the programming mandates of the commission as well as the Nigerian Broadcasting Code and other conditions to be set out in the licences to be granted to successful applicants.

“In keeping with the commission’s laid down procedure, successful applicants shall be invited to formally apply for licences to provide channel content in accordance with the National Broadcasting Act, the Nigeria Broadcasting Code and the Digital Terrestrial Television Regulations,” Salihu said.

He added that the proposals would be considered in a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory selection process measured against high quality domestic and international content channel appeal across a range of demographics.
Source: CommunicationsWeek 22 April 2015