Presenting Jongo: Africa’s First Mainstream Superhero


Motion Story, an independent television and film studio based in Joburg, recently changed focus from iconic brands like Mercedes-Benz, Investec and PwC, to scripted drama after international author and screenwriter, Gareth Crocker joined the studio in 2014. The result is Jongo, the world’s first African superhero television series.

Jongo (c) Motion Story 1 Although the show was first introduced at Discop Africa last year, the trailer was recently released along with news that it had secured an Emmy Award-winning distributor in Amsterdam – FCCE – with international broadcast offers already rolling in. The series is written by Crocker, who also co-directs with Fred Wolmarans, and with Nick Keulemans as Cinematographer. Actors’ names have yet to be released.

Jongo is a comedy drama at heart, following the story of Eli King who becomes superhuman after a crystal is found at the Cradle of Humankind. The mysterious stone is left to him by his father, an enslaved miner who is murdered shortly after escaping the cave. Set in modern-day South Africa and Zambia, Eli must grapple with the powers of the crystal while hunting the men responsible for his father’s death.

“While Jongo will be sold as an international superhero series, we wanted the show to have a distinctly African soul,” Crocker explains, “Moreover; we wanted to showcase the beauty and dynamism of the continent and of South Africa in particular. Jongo will emphasise all that is wonderful and positive about this great continent of ours. Our vastly experienced production crew has worked in some 30 countries and our cast features diverse and exciting talent from across the continent. While we’re not yet ready to reveal the identity of our lead actors, we are extremely confident that many of these talented people will soon become household names.”

“With the huge success of drama series at free-to-air channels, digital channels and VOD platforms like Netflix, we automatically see a growing demand for high-quality drama series,” Justus Verkerk, Chief Commercial Officer at FCCE says, “In our constant search for top-quality content, we see more and more great storytellers and high-quality drama productions coming from new territories.

Jongo (c) Motion Story

Jongo is one of the best examples of that trend and we’re very confident audiences on the African continent, as well as in Europe and the US, will enjoy the mystery and charm of Jongo. It combines all the elements that the public is looking for: mystery, heart, crime, supernatural powers combined with high-quality drama, thrilling Crav Magra and uplifting dance scenes. Prepare yourself for some serious binge watching!”

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Source: Filmmaker Africa 4 May 2015