Bamba TV users urged to observe voltage rules

Technology & Convergence

Bamba TV will give new set-top boxes for free to customers whose BAMBA decoders have malfunctioned due to power problems.

"Please contact Bamba customer service to get a brand new decoder replacement if you have blown your decoder," Bamba TV general manager Danny Mucira said yesterday.

He said they have received complains that some BAMBA CA-1 decoders have blown up adding that the problem occurred because some customers used a wrong type of power adaptor to connect the decoder with power.

"We would like to reinforce that BAMBA CA-1 set-top box is a high specification innovation box that uses a five volt adaptor in order to conserve power," said Mucira.

He said there are cases where users of BAMBA CA 1 blew up the device after connecting a 12 volts power supply that is meant for other types of set top boxes that they had initially bought.

"Connecting the BAMBA CA 1 using a 12V adaptor will lead to a higher power supplied than what the box is set up for which results in the motherboard getting burnt. We are appealing to the public to ensure that they use the power adaptor that is supplied with the box to avoid this inconvenience," he said.

He said Bamba TV is experiencing a high demand in the market adding that fresh supplies of decoders will be in the market next month.

"Since the launch of the service in December we have expanded the network to cover over 80 per cent of the country. We now have 10 Bamba sites that cover most of the country and we are planning to roll out another 10 sites by end of July 2015," he said.

Source: The Star 28 April 2015