Ghana to impose TV license fee by end of year

Regulation & Policy

Ghana’s government announced that it pans to levy a television license fee on operators by the end of the year. The move is likely to be met with concern as companies begin to scramble for ways to cover the new fees to operate and maintain profits.

Although the government said it “is likely” that the new fees will be in effect by the end of the year, experts and others are skeptical it will all be in place properly before January.

ICT Minister Omane Boamah said the TV license fees “will be equitably distributed among the state broadcaster, GBC, the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA), National Media Commission and other partners.”

GBC Director General Albert Don-Chebe said the broadcaster “would put appropriate measures in place to reinforce the government’s efforts to make the payment of the TV license fee a reality.”

There are concerns that if the licensing fees are too high, it could potentially drive up prices for operation, which will result in companies passing along the additional costs to the consumer.

The ICT minister argued that the ministry is looking at means to ensure price hikes, if they do occur, are within reason and do not put undo pressure on the user.
Source: ITNews Africa 14 May 2015