Zambia: ZNBC to distribute set-up-boxes

Technology & Convergence

The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) plans to soon start distributing set-top boxes (STB) in Lusaka, with over 100,000 STBs ready for distribution, ITWeb reported. Zambia's national broadcaster plans to start distributing the equipment nationally ahead of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) June 2015 digital migration deadline. The broadcaster said it will first distribute the set top boxes in the capital Lusaka and then proceed nationally via post offices.

ZNBC corporate affairs manager Masuzyo Ndhlovu said over 100, 000 top set boxes will soon be available so that the country can migrate to digital broadcasting successfully before the deadline. The station said members of the public should start buying the boxes as soon as they are distributed and not wait for the deadline. The boxes have been pegged at ZMK 130 per unit. However, a branding issue has emerged and resulted in a logistic hiccup affecting the start of rollout.

The boxes are believed to be located at a warehouse at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. Zambia has already managed to migrate the capital Lusaka as the first step (first phase) towards nationwide migration. Ndhlovu said members of the public that are not along the line of rail can still access ZNBC through pay TV channel, Go TV.
Source: Telecompaper 15 May 2015