Uganda: Star Times cuts product prices as Digital Migration gains momentum

Technology & Convergence

Star Times has cut its pay TV product prices and introduced new channels for its subscribers. “Effective May 1, our satellite services are going to be even more affordable. We haven’t deviated from where we started when we launched our digital migration campaign, we want to be the service provider who is making it easy for Ugandans to go digital,” said Aldrine Nsubuga, the StartTimes marketing director.

He said the company’s focus was to remove barriers between satellite and decoders such that subscribers are given alternatives without restrictive pricing.

For Shs114,000, a StarTimes customer can now get a dish, decorder and three months subscription on the Nova bouquet with options to upgrade.

For the decoder, a subscriber will now have to part with Shs9,500 and the price of nova bouquet at Shs8,000 or Shs260 per day.

Those on the unique bouquet will part with Shs54,000 (over 76 channels), classic bouquet with Shs36,000 (over 55 channels), basic bouquet with Shs18,000 (over 37 channels) while the start up package remains at Shs49,500 including a decoder and five months of nova subscription.

With the advent of products such as Face TV Uganda which is dedicated to local music, iroko play on the classic bouquet, iroko plus on unique bouquet and st zone on nova, Nsubuga said Ugandan viewers were headed for better TV experience in the digital era.

“The experience of the viewer is going to get better because they are going to benefit from the competition as new products will be launched,” he said.

However, Nsubuga warned: “Demand which will be created by digital migration is likely to outstrip supply”.
Source: ASOKO Insight 13 May 2015