How Zimbabwe Complied with the Digital Migration Deadline?

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Transmedia, the company that carries the mandate of connecting Zimbabwe to the world and connecting the world to Zimbabwe yesterday announced that they are in compliance with the ITU deadline, contrary to speculation that we have missed the deadline.

“Zimbabwe’s Digital Broadcasting Migration Project has been divided into 3 phases, the compliance phase, migration phase and the analogue switch off phase, and the 17 June 2015 deadline by ITU is about compliance and we are proud to say that ,Zimbabwe has met the 17 June 2015 compliance requirements ,” she said

She clarified that there is no deadline to the migration process. Zimbabwe has already procured 6 transmitters out of the 48 required.
“there is no deadline to the migration, let me make it clear, migration is not an event, it is a process ,we started this process in 2011 and we are still going on, we have procured 6 transmitters,”

Zimbabwe is by today required to migrate from analogue television broadcasting to digital television broadcasting, this migration programme is in line with international requirements.

Migrating to digital television broadcasting requires that the television studios, the transmission network and the television receivers in people’s homes employ digital equipment.

The 2nd phase of the project is migration from analogue to digital technology and it involves the installation of transmitters at all 24 existing sites, the construction of new sites, this involves tower construction and transmission equipment installations.

The traditional makeup of the analogue system is to be replaced by a head-end which is currently under construction .This facility enables signal compression and multiplexing which at the moment will be capable to cater for 6 HD services and can be expanded to 24 in future.

The service will enable encryption of channels, hence revenue collection as users will engage in a television licencing structure that looks like a pay per view system .This licencing system is made possible by the Conditional Access System and Subscriber Management System.

The transmission standard to be used is the DVB-T2 which is currently the most advanced terrestrial transmission standard in terms of capacity, robustness, flexibility and the only second generation terrestrial transmission standard approved by the ITU to date ,this is the standard that has been adopted by SADC countries.

Analogue television sets are not compatible with the digital transmission and will therefore not be able to tune directly to the digital transmission for the viewing of the digital service.

“The analogue television set does not have to be thrown away as it can be used with a Set-Top-Box to view the digital services,” said Engineer T Kuhamba.
ITU has set a measure designed to avert interference of television and radio waves between nations through digital broadcasting migration. Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation (ZBC) is looking forward to complete its digitalization process by January 2016.
Source:  Technomag 18 June 2015