e.tv announces new local telenovela ‘Gold Diggers’


The next local e.tv telenovela, Gold Diggers, premieres on 10 August at 20h00. The much-awaited Gold Diggers is an intriguing story which brings key issues affecting the South African working class to the fore. It explores the various dynamics of love, money, family feuds, debts and economically motivated relationships. It is set against the strong backdrop of the mining industry.

Gold Diggers tells the story of an aging, polygamous miner, Patrick who typically spends most of his time underground. Above the ground, he has a very challenging life. His two feisty wives hold the family homestead together in the rural areas while he is away in the city digging for gold. Constantly under pressure to ensure that he fulfills his role of providing for his large family and taking care of his demanding fatal sickness, he is tempted to cross moral lines that make him question who he is.

The telenovela is a classic South African story that captures the reality of many South Africans scraping the surface of the country’s economy - ordinary South Africans digging out a living in the mining industry, which has largely shaped the country’s cultural, economic and social dynamics.

The telenovela also highlight traditions and culture in the modern world, as well as social issues such as health, education and prostitution.
Source: Screen Africa 30 June 2015