Indiegogo Campaign Created For Doc “Generation Soweto,” Focusing On Millennials Living In South Africa


Nisa Ahmad, a producer and director, has launched an Indiegogo campaign for her documentary on South African’s millennials. Titled, Generation Soweto, Ahmad developed her project during her recent travels to the country, where she explored its youth’s culture, particularly those who were born post-apartheid.

The millennials in the documentary are residents of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Sandton, and Soweto. By focusing on these particular residential areas, Generation Soweto’s  focal point will be on the current political and social climate of South Africa as well as the current job market, entrepreneurship and the cost of living.

To inquire about such aspects of life, Ahmad interviewed many millennials. That includes sisters and fashion bloggers, Lesedi Ramonyane, and Tshepang Mollison, who are the founding editors of the site Sleepless In Soweto. They spoke of how South Africa’s culture is changing in dynamic ways. Both women even revealed that millennials in South Africa are driven to pursue creative careers instead of standard professional careers such as medicine or law. Alongside, Ramonyane and Mollison, Kearan Fourie, a restaurant entrepreneur, speaks on gentrification and the need to launch more Black businesses in South Africa in neighborhoods where many White South Africans are buying property to then resell or rent to Blacks.

Although a more hip crowd is moving into areas that were once considered the ghetto, South Africans who were born during the colonization and apartheid are not necessarily open to the changes they see occurring with the next generation. Fourie shared during his interview that as a child he was told to not “dream too much.”

But Ahmad is dreaming big. In order for this documentary to share the stories of these individuals and become a global sensation, Ahmad has launched an Indiegogo campaign.

By contributing to Generation Soweto’s Indiegogo campaign, one will help diversify the images the world sees of countries in the African continent. The funds will be used for gear rental for production, pre-and post-production costs, editing, and music licensing to name a few expenses.

Watch the trailer here.
Source: Madamenoire 22 July 2015