ACTV Introduces Nigeria's First Cabletv Multi-Room Viewership


Lagos — Nigeria's wholly owned indigenous pay TV, African Cable Television (ACTV) has introduced the first multi-room and independent viewership solution on cable TV in Nigeria. Before this solution, the only available option was the dual view decoder with viewership of channels dependent on the person holding the decoder's remote control. According to Mr. Jide Lawrence, Director of Content (ACTV), the innovative ACTV Multi-room TV solution gives subscribers the expanded comfort and experience of viewing television contents in as much as four rooms simultaneously and independently of each other.

He explained that this is made possible with the use of one satellite dish in the home, hotel or office and a much better four-way signal connector that feeds four rooms simultaneously and allows the use of four independent remote control units. "With the ACTV multi-room channel offering, subscribers can now enjoy their favorite TV shows without stress anywhere in their home," he said.
He also added that: "With the ACTV Multi-room television bouquet, our subscribers can do everything they wish in any of the rooms with TV without disturbing anyone else watching in other rooms. The kids can watch their cartoons, mummies can watch their soaps and daddies can watch their news or movies without the usual struggle for the remote control."

According to Lawrence, ACTV has carved a niche in providing cutting edge technology, innovative content and top quality entertainment at affordable prices to every and all its subscribers. To ensure that Nigerians enjoy this new innovation in cable TV viewing, ACTV has also introduced its offerings at promo prices that are "unbeatably low for subscribers to take advantage and enjoy."
Since the launch of ACTV in November 2014, the company has consistently broken new grounds in TV viewership experience with their brand positioning of innovation and premium content at affordable cost.

Source: Daily Trust 9th August 2015