Timveni TV Launches New Urban Lifestyle Show in Malawi


Lilongwe — Timveni TV has launched "StarZone" an urban lifestyle brand that provides urban entertainment experiences and media content to a youthful Malawian target audience. In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Monday, the show's host Alex "Dizzo" Kachepa said StarZone Entertainment show is a new variety entertainment show on Timveni TV that showcases and promotes the different facets of Malawian urban culture and lifestyles.
"The first product of the StarZone brand is a television show hosted by myself and Malawi's 2014 BBA representative Sipherile "Sipe" Chitambo. The brand's promise is facilitated through a mix of public events, social media initiatives and branded media content," said Dizzo.

According to Dizzo, the show will be aired every Friday from 8-9 pm on Timveni TV. The pilot episode which featured entertainment news, an exclusive interview with Lilongwe based rapper Sage Poet and coverage of the MHUB tech festival at Chancellor College was aired on 31 April, 2015. "Unlike any other show on Malawian television, The StarZone Entertainment show incorporates social media interaction and trends throughout its content to deliver an interactive experience to its audience.

Viewers can follow the show's social media accounts to gain access to extra content, behind the scenes footage, exclusive entertainment news and competitions," Dizzo boasted. Aimed at a local middle/working class youth audience that have recently created an increased demand in locally produced and relevant urban entertainment content, the show incorporates music videos, fashion focus, entertainment news (Both local and international), technology reviews, interviews and more in a fun one hour package.

Source: Malawi News Agency 3rd August 2015