Nostalgie Selects WinMedia Radio to extend its network and market share in Ivory Coast


Ivory Coast’s number one commercial radio station streamlines its multi-site operations with WinMedia’s end-to-end solutions.

WinMedia, a world leader in automation and content management software solutions for broadcasters, today announced that Sorano-Nostalgie Côte d’Ivoire, the number one commercial radio in Ivory Coast, has selected WinMedia Radio, the company’s flexible and powerful radio automation system, to extend its network and market share. WinBizz, WinMedia’s sales, traffic and billing solution has also been chosen by the broadcaster to streamline its traffic and billing operations and increase its revenues.

Spearheading the project is business partner and broadcast system integrator Broadcast Associés Afrique, who has been working closely with WinMedia throughout all phases of the Nostalgie Côte d’Ivoire design, implementation and management.

Based in Abidjan, Nostalgie Côte d’Ivoire is the number one commercial radio in Ivory Coast, boasting a market share of more than 16%. This music radio mainly broadcasts French and international content from the 60s to the present. Its success comes from its wide expertise in music programming.

“Given the growing importance of radio in Ivorian households, we had to extend our network and be able to reach a wider audience. 89% of families possess a radio in Ivory Coast. New listening habits further increase our potential. In Abidjan, more than 81% of the inhabitants have a mobile phone while 30% of the country’s inhabitants have access to the Internet. Extending our network to a total of 7 cities was a crucial project. And thanks to WinMedia, it is now a reality”, declared Nina Sylvie Koutouan, General Manager at Nostalgie Côte d’Ivoire.

 “Powerful and intuitive, WinMedia tools allow us to easily and efficiently take our content from ingest to preparation and playout to air, as well as onward for distribution to our website via streaming and podcasts. This end-to-end solution simplifies our workflow and enables us to maximize our revenues thanks to 7 automatic regional switchovers for the advertising. Music scheduling has also been an important part of our decision process. Because we are a music radio, music scheduling is at the center of our operations. WinMedia was able to perfectly meet all our requirements thanks to its powerful music scheduling module”, added Seribi Muller, program director at Nostalgie Côte d’Ivoire.

WinMedia Radio maintains a centralized Media Asset Management content catalogue that seamlessly manages all programs and associated data while modular task-specific tools streamline production and distribution. WinMedia Radio allows the broadcaster to reduce production costs by centralizing all its production and planning operations in Abidjan while WinBizz maximizes revenues.

Fully integrated with WinMedia Radio, WinBizz is a scalable, enterprise-wide solution that allows Nostalgie Côte d’Ivoire to centralize its multiple stations and markets onto a single system. With WinBizz, Nostalgie Côte d’Ivoire’s sales managers can benefit from the powerful real-time online booking feature. Wherever they are in the country, they directly connect to the centralized database to offer available time slots to customers for any output, whether on-air or on the broadcaster’s website. Once the ads are booked, they are directly and automatically scheduled in the playlist of the targeted broadcast area. WinBizz also facilitates account executives’ day-to-day operations by streamlining the invoicing process thanks to advanced payment terms and credit management capabilities and easy export to accounting systems. Seamless integration between WinBizz and WinMedia Radio delivers numerous efficiencies to Nostalgie Côte d’Ivoire, including live log editing and real-time spot reconciliation.

WinMedia On-Air is a proven and highly reliable automated solution. It allows the broadcaster to swiftly shift from live sessions to pre-recorded programs and to automatically trigger the 7 area-specific advertising breakdowns. Based on a redundant architecture, it also provides numerous security tools – including a backup playout system - to make sure every single point of failure is removed.
Source: Press Release