Zimbabwe Film and Television Awards (ZFTA), hosted in collaboration with the Zimbabwe International Film Festival Trust (ZIFFT)


These awards will be held during this year's Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF) with the award ceremony being held on October 9, 2015.

The Zimbabwe Film and Television Awards (ZFTA) is an affiliation of individuals involved in the Film and television industry of Zimbabwe. The main objective of a film organization is to foment the advance of filmmaking and television broadcasting.
The ZFTAs are a yearly award ceremony with the inaugural event has been penned for the 9th of OCTOBER 2015. The ceremony will be part of the Zimbabwe International Festival Trust award ceremony to be held at the 7Arts in Avondale.

 The idea to hold this event came about after realizing the need to recognize and award the men and women who have worked in the ZIMBABWEAN film industry in all capacities of production. These are the people that work behind the scenes and are hardly recognized and appreciated for their work. The award ceremony will award quality production and skill with the aim of setting a standard for Zimbabwean Film and Television productions.

The Zimbabwe Film and Television Awards is a brand that is being spearheaded by a passionate Zimbabwean team whose intention is to build the Zimbabwe Film and Television industry. The initial team has taken the initiative to build a brand that will last beyond their years.  The initial team is made up of the following:

Rufaro Kaseke - Ceremony Director
Rufaro is a storyteller by nature, he has more than 10years in the Film industry. Over the years he has worked with various projects which include the Harare International Festival Of the Arts as the video creative director for three years.

Patience Gombe - Production Director
Patience Gombe is a visually alert and creative artist who graduated with a BA in Dramatic Arts from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. She went on to work in a technical environment overseas where she honed different skills that include photography, graphic design, interactive system design, videography, shooting and broadcasting in live pre-recorded settings. She has a working knowledge of the entire production process including story creation, scriptwriting, pre-production, production, finishing the film and broadcasting or distributing. She founded Resoluto Films which is aimed at improving the foundational skills of young and upcoming film makers, and improving the learning process in all things film, television and video, from language to skills.

Stuart Moyo - Media Liaison
Stuart has been in the arts industry for the past 8 years. Currently he is the General Manager of the Zimbo Jam, a 3 time NAMA awarding online online arts and culture magazine. A keen follower of Zimbabwean film, Stuart has grown to appreciate the need for growth in the Zimbabwean film and television industry

Munyaradzi Dodo - Online Technical Director
Munya has spent the last nine years working as a television director and producer in the broadcasting industry. In 2013 he started TVYangu.com, Zimbabwe’s award-winning video-on-demand and content aggregator, which is telling some of Africa’s best untold narratives using video. Munya is a graduate of the University of Zimbabwe Arts Department and a 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow.

ZFTA 2015 is the inaugural award ceremony. As such it has been set up to honor and acknowledge the film-makers that brought the Zimbabwe Film and Television industry to where it is to date. The pioneers of the Zimbabwean Film making industry gave direction to the industry. It is only right that we honor and celebrate our forerunners before we honor current productions.

As such, no public call for nominations was made. The nominations list was made through consultation with players  in the film industry. We consulted with organisation like ZIFF, MFD, Nyerai films and   individuals film makers. Nomination for the films came therefore from players that are established in the Film and Television industry and were split into the follow categories:
These were slipt into the following categories for consideration:
We are honored to have the full support of the Zimbabwe International Film Festival Trust (ZIFFT). It has enabled us to host these awards under their banner, and has indicate its support to the ZFTAs and the film industry at large.
Our Media partner, Zimbo Jam(www.zimbojam.com) has been in the Arts Industry for 7 years, and has intergral in promoting some of Zimbabwean productions online. With 3 NAMAs, Zimbo Jam has proved itself in promoting Zimbabwean Arts and culture including Film.
The Judging panel is made up of people who have worked at different stages of the Zimbabwean film and television industry from the beginning of the 20th Century (1990) to date. We also took non filmmakers but people who have been following and supporting the industry for years. Below is a list if judges for the ZFTAs 2015.
•    Jonathan Mbiriyamveka
•    Elizabeth Dziva
•    Tsitsi Dangarembebwa
•    Lenard Matsa
•    Angeline Dimingo
•    Musekiwa Samuriwo
•    Joshua Changa
•    Nyaradzo Muchena
Source: Press Release