Hot 91.9 FM to launch on DStv audio package


Hot 91.9 FM is launching on the DStv audio package (channel 922) on Thursday, 1 October 2015.

Hot 91.9 FM, launched in November 2014, is a Johannesburg-based community radio station which has re-united radio favourites such as Sasha Martinengo, Ian F, Kevin Savage, Darren Scott, Jeremy Mansfield, Treasure Tshabalala, Mark Pilgrim and Gavin Singh.

The heat spread through Johannesburg fast as the station quickly became a firm favourite to its national audience, thanks to internet streaming. These listeners around South Africa spread the word, quickly growing Hot 91.9 FM’s Facebook page to over 13 000 fans. The station was nominated for 15 MTN Radio Awards in 2015, of which it won five.

Hot 91.9 FM station general manager, Lloyd Madurai comments, “We’re thrilled to put our station on the DStv audio package – this means we’ll have a much wider reach and a chance to grow our listenership.”

Hot 91.9 FM will be available in South Africa to DStv Premium, Extra, Compact, Family, Access and EasyView customers, as well as DStv customers on the Indian and Portuguese packages.
Source: Screen Africa 22 September 2015