10TH South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) Deadline EXTENDED

The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) and the South African Film and Television Awards Committee have extended the closing date for applications for the 10th South African Film & Television Awards (SAFTAs) to the 25th of September 2015. The SAFTAs, managed under the custodianship of the NFVF, are an industry initiative governed by the SAFTAs committee and the body of industry representatives comprising of the broadcasters, SASFED and other key stakeholders.

This year submission can be made online via the SAFTAs online portal, www.saftasonline.co.za. The system makes it easy for applications and content to be uploaded online and in real time to allow for timeous delivery of submissions. Copies of ID documents for all relevant cast and crewmembers are needed. The format in which video content should be uploaded is MP4.

The closing date for submission of feature films is not affected, and therefore remains the 16th of October 2015.

First Ever Elements Film Lab launches in Cape Town

This year sees yet another exciting addition to the shnit International Shortfilmfestival weekend: the inaugural Elements Short Film Lab. An initiative running concurrently to the shnit Expanded Talent Focus programme for Playground Cape Town in 2015, over the festival weekend filmmakers will participate in a series of workshops, discussions, conversations and engagements that will further their paths in creating world-class short films. Panellists include among today's most exciting storytellers and producers in South Africa, and this all access workshop weekend promised to enlighten and inspire filmmakers from all levels of industry.

The first Elements Film Lab will be hosted at the historic Cape Town Club on Queen Victoria Street, a short walk from the festival hub at the Labia Theatre - the oldest independent theatre house in Cape Town. Tickets are available on a limited basis, and include a full weekend pass to shnit International Shortfilmfestival, lunch every day, and networking functions. Events are scheduled to compliment the festival schedule - expanding skill sets in the day time, celebrating the art of the short every night.

Tickets available through Webtickets . Prices, tickets and full line up available at www.elementsfilmlab.org. The lab takes place 8-10 October. Concession tickets are available on a limited basis. Information available online.

For information, contact online@elementsfilmlab.org

More on shnit International Shortfilmfestival at www.shnit.org

Lab Highlights:

In Conversation with Fly on the Wall

South African actor Anthony Oeseyemi sits down with Bryan Little and Filipa Domingues to talk about the duo's film and art making collective, Fly on the Wall. Bryan, a producer, and Filipa, a director, discuss everything from the creative process and finding inspiration to what progress means in an ever-evolving industry and what filmmaking might look like in the future.

Panel Discussion: That Big Bang

There's an old clich that reads, You can make a bad film from a good script but never a good film from a bad script'. Three of the most exciting filmmakers working in SA, Jenna Bass, Sibs Shongwe-la Mer and Jahmil XT Qubeka discuss the inception of stories and the importance of scripts. The discussion will break down the writing process; explain what makes a good story and how to craft great film experiences, as well as mastering visual storytelling and highlighting the unique opportunity short films offer for story telling.

Panel Discussion: The Science of Shorts

Our panel of experts Bridget Pickering, Thandeka Zwana and Steven Markovitz focuson the elements needed to bring a great short together and take it to the world. This panel will discuss the challenges and advantages of short film making; including financing short films, finding great stories, making festival connections and marketing short films.

Producer's Workshop

Producer Elias Robeiro shares his experiences on making short films and the importance of showing them to the world. Using real-world examples, Elias delves into the benefits of making short films, how to budget properly, some tips on how to get them seen and how to develop a festival strategy for maximum exposure.

Writers Workshop

Anthony Silverston, Head of Development at SA's leading animation studio, Triggerfish, shares the nuances of crafting good characters and how to place them in real-world stories in this must-attend workshop called How To Write a Hero. Having spent years creating internationally acclaimed animations such as Zambezi, Anthony guides aspiring screenwriting with practical advice on what elements are required for great storytelling and how they fit together.

Networking Events

Elements Film Lab offers filmmakers the opportunity to network over the course of the weekend with a welcome drinks and lunches. Come meet industry experts and other filmmakers in a relaxed and creative environment. And with a full weekend pass to the Shnit International Short Film Festival there are plenty of films to watch too.

Round Table Conversations

The best way to meet industry members and form partnerships is to meet people face to face. The Round Table Conversations provide a platform to do that by connecting writers, directors, producers and performers. It's a casual way to meet like-minded individuals, chat to experienced filmmakers, and open up opportunities.

Drone Workshop

The impact that drones have had on film and cinematography is tremendous and with drone technology now more affordable than ever it's a tool that can give amateur and low-budget filmmakers an extra dimension. In this workshop, Juanne Whyte from Orms Digital, talks about how to make drone footage work for your film, gives an update on drone-flying regulations and introduces us to the various drone options available to take your filmmaking to new heights'.

Virtual Reality Workshop

How do filmmaking and virtual reality combine? It's a question for the not-too-distant future. Tyrone Rubin from Sense Virtual talks about the latest developments in the world of virtual reality and how interactive technologies will shape filmmaking and the entertainment industry of the future. There will also be a must-see demo on the latest in the virtual reality field.
Source: Filmcontact 21 September 2015

NFVF Cycle 3 Funding Call for Applications

The NFVF calls for applicants for the following areas of funding: Development Funding, TV Formats Funding, Production Funding, Documentary Archive, Markets and Festivals Attendance Funding. Closing date is 17 October 2015.

As the target for the year has been met and exceeded, the NFVF can only consider filmmakers attending the following festivals, for funding:

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

Rotterdam International Film Festival

Pan African Film Festival

RIO Content Market

Berlin International Film Festival

Festivals, Marketing and Distribution Funding

For these funding categories, the NFVF will still accept applications for Cycle 3.

All applications and supporting motivation must be hand delivered or posted to the NFVF at 87 Central Street, Houghton, Johannesburg, 2198. No e-mail submissions will be accepted. Closing date for applications is 17th of October 2015. Please note that all applicants should provide a copy of tax clearance certificate.

See details here

The NFVF will inform applicants of the outcome of the applications at the end of January 2016. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications received after the deadline will only be considered for the following quarterly meeting of council.

Application forms can be accessed from the NFVF website or on the following link: