Samsung Partners with eNCA to bring News on Demand

Technology & Convergence

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 29 September, 2015 – Samsung Electronics South Africa has partnered with leading African news provider, eNCA, to bring its Smart TV users video news on demand via a purpose-built eNCA Smart TV app – the first of its kind in Africa.

Matthew Thackrah, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics SA, says, “As a company that thrives on developing the most innovative solutions to enrich our consumers’ lives, we are excited to launch South Africa’s first video-rich TV news app. With progressively more connected technologies available in the market, consumers can access content across a variety of mediums. Our partnership with eNCA brings two market leaders together to give Samsung Smart TV owners a new way to consume news. The app means they can actively select the stories they want to learn more about, at their convenience.”

The app has been designed with the Smart TV platform in mind, and the user’s experience was a key consideration. The interface is simple and clean for ease of navigation, which is done through the TV remote. The news inserts on the app complement those featured on the eNCA website, and the app’s emphasis is on video stories supported by minimal text for a rich visual experience. Users can access the text and images featured on the eNCA website, via the Smart TV app, if they want to supplement the stories with more depth.

Timothy Spira, Online Division: General Manager at eNCA, said “We are proud to deliver South Africa’s first video-rich TV news app in partnership with Samsung. When they approached us to partner in developing and promoting a purpose-built eNCA app, we embraced the opportunity to be present on the leading Smart TV platform in South Africa. We see the Samsung Smart TV as a leading channel that will keep growing in popularity as it combines the large screen experience of TV with the rich interactivity of a connected device.”

The eNCA Smart TV app is the second most popular app among Samsung Smart TV users.

“Samsung is always looking for ways to add value. The eNCA app is innovative and its popularity is proof that it is indeed enriching and enhancing the Smart TV experience. Our consumers are now able to watch the news on their terms – as and when they want to. They can also keep up to date with the latest headlines while watching TV. This service is available by selecting the special eNCA ticker option which runs the latest headlines at the foot of the screen,” concludes Thackrah.
Source: Company Press Release 29 September 2015