Independent content producers needed for ‘Kenya / South Africa Copro’


The ‘Kenya/South Africa Copro’ initiative will be launched between the 26 to 30 October at the Nairobi-based Kalasha International Film & TV Festival and Market. The aim is to facilitate relations between independent content producers from Kenya and South Africa to co-produce content for both countries. The initiative will seek ten film and television projects to be co-developed and co-funded by producers from these two above countries.

Organisers of the multiplatform content market and the co-production forum DISCOP Africa, which is based in Johannesburg and Abidjan, has formed a partnership with the Nairobi-based Kalasha International Film and TV Festival and market. The new partnership between Kalasha and DISCOP Africa is designed to stimulate co-production and distribution opportunities between Eastern, Western and Southern Africa.

Launched in partnership with the French Embassy in Kenya, Kalasha International aims to position Kenya as a world-class production hub, with the ability to service a rapidly growing cross-border and cross-cultural multi-platform content production and distribution industry.

Source: 16 Ocotber 2015