Euronews to launch Africanews in December 2015


2024 - African News at DisCop Africa 2015

Above: Africanews presents its project at Discop Africa 2015. 

Announced for the mid-year, Euronews will finally launch the new pan-African news media, Africanews in December 2015 (or start 2016). Africanews will cover African and international news and business stories 24/7 in both French and English languages from an African perspective and will adopt the same editorial line as Euronews.

Independent, Africanews’ headquarters is based in Congo Brazzaville with offices in Pointe Noire, Abidjan, Johannesburg, Nairobi and N’Djamena with a team of more than 40 professional journalists and technicians from various African countries. Africanews will be a 100% subsidiary of Euronews South-Africa.

Africanews will first be broadcasted in French and English and then will be followed by other languages spoken on the African continent, including national languages. In the first six months after its launch, the channel will be received for free via the SES satellite with the aim to conquer 4.1 million households on the continent.

On the other hand, the competition looks tough on the African market which has already a pan-African news channel based in France, namely Africa 24. It will also have to compete with international channels, like TVC News from Nigeria, CNN in US, the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel, the English channel BBC World, CCTV from China and soon the Russian RT from Russia.

Source: TalkMedia Africa 21 October 2015


Below: The Euronews booth at Discop Africa 2015. 

EuroNews at DisCop Africa 2015

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