FTA operator e.tv selects Jasco Broadcast Solutions for digital archive


Broadcast Solutions and the Oracle DIVA Content Management System (CMS) for its digital archive. The company has a strong proven track record in the broadcast industry, delivering the required efficiencies to enable more effective archiving and storage of digital content.

With its volumes of digital content continuing to grow, e.tv required an efficient and stable digital archiving system that would allow for efficient archival and retrieval of footage. This would allow the channel to more effectively repurpose and repackage existing content, both for internal use and commercial exploitation. When the FTA operator set up its multichannel offering in October 2013 through Openview HD satellite and began to diversify its content on digital platforms, the need for digital archiving and long-term content storage became an imperative.

“Previously, we had relied on a manual process of browsing and retrieving footage by viewing tapes and finding appropriate clips. This was both time consuming and labour-intensive, and was becoming increasingly inefficient, especially given the increasing volumes of content we were beginning to produce,” declared Nohra Moerat, GM-group libraries and archives at e.tv.

Source: Nextame.TV 21 Ocotber 2015