MacDuff Moves To Focus On Content With A Difference


After the repeated success of Daves pet projects', the company that previously focused on local commercials and international film facilitation has shifted to producing inspiring online stories that are highly shareable, and connecting them with brands.

Director, Dave Meinert says, I was plodding along making ads but in the background learning so much from the viral success of my passion work like The Pegasus Project and Run Jose that the idea to offer this learning to agencies and clients became hard to ignore.

He says they aren't trying to be another branded content company:”We're more specialised than that. Two things define us. Firstly, we aren't just telling people we understand' how to make work go viral, we're saying we've got a solid track record of pulling it off from scratch. Secondly, we only focus on inspiring stories. We don't create random clickbait or take on a project just because it is content. It must have a great message that moves an audience emotionally.

Although companies focussing on this kind of niched service are cropping up internationally, the shift happened more earnestly than just looking at what's new on the media horizon, though he does admit the success of companies like Shareability should not be overlooked.

The company offers a comprehensive service from story origination through to seeding and video channel management, as well as just consulting on any one aspect of this. More is explained on the website,
Source: 4rfv 4 november 2015